Friday, June 11, 2010

The fun of an international lab

World Cup Time!!!!

We are rooting for Ghana, Mexico and the USA. Unfortunately Scotland, China and Taiwan aren't in it (does Taiwan even have a national soccer team that goes to WC qualifiers?), so some of us are joining our colleagues for Ghana and Mexico or just defaulting to USA. Or, just all of the above because the World Cup is fun no matter who wins.


Anonymous said...

No, we (Taiwan) don't have an national team for WC. It is still fun to watch WC!!

Ewan said...

Go England! As the PI, I tried to mandate that the lab supported us vs. the US, but to no avail - I have at least two members who got through undergrad on football (soccer) scholarships, so we care and there is beer riding on the outcome..

Venkat said...

I am rooting for Argentina (for its talent) and USA (U! S! A!). Also, some N.Korea/S.Korea action later in the tournament would be sweet. Would want Argentina to win just to see if its coach does what he promised to do if it won.