Monday, July 26, 2010

200th post: who's really bored and wants a project?

Hello readers! This is my 200th post. I was going to try to save it for something special, but I got antsy and decided to use it to start a call for art project participants. I want to get some creativity going here, and am not having much luck with my own head, so I thought I'd try crowd-sourcing instead! Maybe nobody will bite, in which case I'll feel lame for a while and then suck it up and do the project myself. But whatever, here goes:

I want to find an entertaining infographic/illustration for Chemical BiLOLogy to use up in that "user profile pic" thingymabob. A Google Image search for it was BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!!! All generic molecules, people in lab coats, dudes, protein structures, BLAH!! I'm trying, but just not getting inspired enough on my own.


Let's put our Photoshop and MSPaint skills together and come up with something better. You can make a collage, draw your own cartoon, whatever. Make sure anything you use is in the public domain however, citing sources. Send images to me at and I will post them. I will most likely make a dictator-like determination of my favorite(s) and may conglomerate multiple offerings to make my user pic. Don't worry about fitting a certain size, make it bigger rather than smaller and I can shrink where necessary. I will assume that if you submit an image to me, you're giving me permission to use it!

Alrighty, let's see where this goes... if it is a FAIL (because I'm not cool enough to have readers who give a crap and have time...) then oh well.


Dr Becca, PhD said...

!!!! I was just thinking about having a banner-making contest for my LabSpaces page! Our readers had better be feeling extra artsy this week!

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