Monday, August 2, 2010

And the winner is...

Not just by default of being one of only two entries, but because this truly is totally awesome!

And now for some exciting news: Chemical BiLOLogy is moving to the new Scientopia network! With the shakeup at Scienceblogs etc., a group of really interesting people decided to join forces and make a new blog community. I'll be hanging out there from now on, with people like Janet Stemwedel of Adventures in Ethics and Science, Mark Chu-Carroll of Good Math/Bad Math, Scicurious of Neurotopia, ProfLike Substance, Professor in Training and many others from Scienceblogs and elsewhere. It'll be like "Friends," where we all live in the same apartment building, have comedic adventures, get into scrapes, and hang out in the coffee shop downstairs all the time! I'm planning to keep blogging about the tenure track, having a kid, grant stuff, etc. but also I am going to try to expand my chemical biology research blogging and highlight interesting stuff going on in that world.

Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls to if you want to come find me, these archives are coming with me but also staying at this blogspot location so you'll still be able to dig around in the K99 posts and anything else that you've found useful.

Thanks for giving me such a fun start to my blogging over the past two years, and here's to more kooky stuff to come in my new home!